Thursday, April 12, 2012

Caroline: 1 Month Update


Caroline turned 1 month old yesterday and I can't believe it. God has blessed us with another sweet little girl and we're so thankful. While there's not much that goes on in a 1 month old's life other than eating, sleeping, and pooping, here's a little update on our new baby girl. 

  • First of all, we've got another good sleeper on our hands. We consistently get a good 6 or 7 hour stretch at night followed by another few hours. We've had an eight hour stretch here and there for which I am very thankful. 
  • Caroline is quite the little spitter (I actually have a little bit in my hair right now) and has a knack for spitting up either right after a bath or right after I've put clean clothes on her. I just thought Riley spit up a lot. Caroline spits up what I would consider massive amounts. It's amazing to me that she's putting on weight and actually has chubby little cheeks. She's been diagnosed with "reflux" and I'm cutting out dairy - far more involved than I could have ever thought - to see if that helps cut down on the spit up. The doctor said it could also be an oversupply issue... if that's the case, it will regulate in time. 
  • Caroline hasn't had too many on purpose smiles, but just about everyone claims to have gotten a couple. She does those sweet sleepy smiles while she's napping, though. We can't wait until we get the full-blown grins, but we're loving the smirks for now. 
  • Caroline generally enjoys riding in the car, sitting in her bouncy seat, and being in her swing. I can't think of anything in particular that she doesn't like except for salsa. I notice a huge increase in spit up the days after I eat it... unfortunately, Mommy loves salsa but will have to pass on it for a little while. 
  • I'm pretty sure Caroline thinks pooping is her full time job (as I type this I can hear her working on a big one in the bouncy seat beside me). While I realize it's one of the tasks on her job description, she should focus more on being cute and sleeping for now. 
  • Caroline enjoys the paci quite a bit during the day, but I've made sure it's not required at night. I really don't want her to rely on it for nighttime sleep, but I'm thankful she'll take it when she's just eaten and still feels like it's necessary to have something to suck on. 
All in all, we're very thankful for our sweet little chickadee. I know she'll be just as fun as her older sister has been for the past two years. I just hope the time goes a little slower (yeah right). 


Yes, I'm one of those moms who takes pictures first and fixes the issue afterwards.



  1. Hi Lauren - lovely to find your blog through Daisy Cottage. Cutting out dairy is very hard! Hope it is effective. Your girls are gorgeous!

  2. Libby, thanks for stopping by! I'm really hoping that it is effective, but I have yet to see any improvement and we're at least 4 days in. Oh well. I'm just thankful she's a "happy spitter" and gaining weight. Off to check out your blog.