Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Fresh Start

David & me

Riley Grace, 2 years

from newborn photo shoot @ 11 days

Here it is: a fresh start at blogging. If you'd like to see the backstory, check out my old blog.

I think the first order of business would be to introduce you to our little family. I'm Lauren and my husband is David. High school sweethearts of sorts and best friends, we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary in December and we've enjoyed married life immensely. David is the youth/assistant pastor at the Bible Baptist Church in DeLand, FL (which is where I grew up) and I'm a stay at home wife and mommy to our two little girls, Riley (3.23.10) and Caroline (3.11.12).

We lead a very busy but fun life. We love the fact that there's always something going on with church (from evangelism or fellowship, work days to youth rallies). Whether it's holding signs downtown on Friday afternoons or passing out tracts at the Daytona 500, there's always something going on. Having two little ones keeps us busy at home, too.

The intention of this blog is to keep a record of our lives for the future. I have blogged off and on throughout the years and absolutely love going back and reading the posts and seeing what was happening in our lives. I thought about picking up the story on my last blog but decided I wanted to start with a clean slate. We hope you enjoy the ride. 

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