Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Belated Mother's Day


And no, my husband didn't forget. Since we were traveling and spending the day with David's mom, we decided to put off our own Mother's Day festivities until we got home. Yesterday, David hinted that we would be doing something special after Caroline's well visit today. What I didn't know was that he was going to bring me home beautiful flowers and a card (complete with Caroline's footprint and Riley's handprint!). We had a late lunch at Sonny's (one of my favorites) and I even got to make a quick Hobby Lobby run - a new one just opened in our area. I think we need to add Hobby Lobby as a category in the budget.


While in the store browsing, I saw this transfer. I guess this means that I'll never be as good a mom as my own. The bows I wore as a kid were massive (at least that's how I remember them). I used to hate them, but now I find myself wishing we had saved them all since I had one in every color. Also, the dreaded side part and bow? Riley rocks that look almost all the time. I'm definitely eating some words that I spoke many years ago.


I can't let a Mother's Day post go by without bragging on my own mom a little bit. I have definitely been blessed in the parent department. If there's any mother who put her children first in every aspect of life and devoted all her time and attention to her kids, it would be my mom. She set a great example of a wife and mother. My mom gives of herself without expecting anything in return and I thank God for her. 

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  1. I lived in Florida for 6 years, and the thing I miss the most is SONNY'S BBQ!! We do have one here in Charlotte, but that's over 2 hours of driving...almost worth it, though. I may have to Paypal you some money to send me some of their mild sauce... :)