Monday, May 21, 2012

Photos & Funnies Catch up


  • With her wallet and "phone" in hand, Riley says goodbye. I ask her where she's going. "I going to Carpet, Mommy." Carpet = Target. 
  • After Riley tossed her shoes in the front seat of the car, I asked her what she was doing. In the middle of my scolding: "Be patient, Mommy!" 
  • In the middle of Face Time-ing (if you're not familiar with it, it's like Skype for iPhones) with my parents: "Put them (my parents) on the table." 
  • When we were at Chick-fil-A with some friends, there was an employee dressed as a cow. Riley was petrified of him! One day we were driving on the car and she was "on the phone." I could hear her talking: "There was a tow at if-il-A and I was sad." 


  1. Loved the "Be patient Mommy" :) HAHA!

  2. AWW!! So cute!! My daughter loves to pick up her phones and "calls" grandma! She has full conversations!!