Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Busy Little Bees


That's what we've been lately. Last week, we were out of town on our annual girls' trip. What a blessing to have a group of young girls who know how to have good, clean fun. We went to Venice Beach and found tons of shark teeth, went snorkeling off the west coast of Florida, and spent the day at Busch Gardens. We came home with lots of great memories, blisters on our feet, and minimal sunburn.


Besides not taking the best naps in the stroller, Caroline did great! I'm always nervous to take my babies on a trip where they'll be totally off-schedule. Thankfully, she went with the flow and didn't have a hard time at all. True to her norm, Caroline did shower several of the girls with huge smiles and puddles of spit up. I'm hoping she'll grow out of it soon as people are much more reluctant to hold her than they were Riley - can't say that I blame them!


This sweet little girl stayed with my mom and dad while we were gone. It's the longest David and I have been away from her, and it was much harder on us than it was on Riley. She and my parents went to the beach, visited with my grandmother, and did as much playing and book reading as you can squeeze into three days. It was so good to get back home to our biggest girl. It was a little taste of what it will be like when we head to camp for a full week in July. I'm going to be one sad mommy to leave this sweet face behind. 

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  1. I discovered your blog this week and love it. I am curious as to where in Florida you live. I have friends (new converts) moving to the Jacksonville area and are looking for a good church. I'd appreciate any help you could be. You can email me at southern.fried.christian@gmail.com