Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Perfect Day


Today was a perfect day! For central Florida, the weather was phenomenal - highs in the mid seventies with clear blue skies. I had my 6 week followup appointment (post Caroline), so David planned to take today off to help me with the girls and spend a little bit of time together. We went to the doctor, ate a nice lunch at a barbeque restaurant, and headed to a park by a lake. 

I brought my camera in hopes of snapping a picture of Caroline with the doctor who delivered her, but she stayed with David during my appointment because she was awake. Even though I didn't get that shot, I'm so glad I had my camera with me because I got some adorable photos of Riley at the park. 


We might have made a bad decision letting her play in the fountain, but she had such a wonderful time. She thought it was a pool or splash park, I guess, because she kept asking us to get in. We had to stop her from going in head first several times... this child has no fear. I'm glad we decided to give her swimming lessons last summer.


Even though they didn't turn out all that great, I got the first pictures of me with both of my babies. I meant to ask our photographers to get a couple when we had Caroline's newborn/family shoot done, but I totally forgot. I have lots of David with the two girls because I'm always the one behind the camera. 

The whole day I found myself thinking how thankful I am for my wonderful little family. God has certainly blessed us beyond measure; may I always be mindful of that and give him the honor and glory for what he has done in our lives.

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  1. It was worth bringing the camera along, lugging it all the time is tough though, but like I said it's worth it coz you'll never know whT the event would be like that day! You got great pics captured here! I love the duck staring at your little girl!

    1. You're right! It was worth it. I don't lug my camera around like I should, but I'm trying to do better. I just got an iPhone which makes it nice to snap pictures when I don't have my DSLR with me.