Friday, May 18, 2012

Enjoying the Little Things

Our long drive this week had me thinking about what a blessing it is that our girls are easily comforted. I've heard of babies who aren't easy to soothe, and I feel for their mammas. Fortunately for us, our little chickadees are easy to please. 


For Riley, as long as she has her "dankies" she's set. She has three - pink one, other one, and soft one - and they usually stay in her bed but, when we go on trips or she takes a nap at my parents' house, she only takes pink one and other one. Those two are extra special because they were handmade for her by David's mom (Grandmommy). She also sucks her left thumb. We're not quite sure what we're going to do when it comes time to wean her from the habit, but we're happy that she only does it when she's going to sleep. The dentist told me it wouldn't cause problems since she doesn't suck it all the time. 


Caroline is a paci girl at the moment. For about 45 minutes after she's fed, she's content without it. When she's ready to take a nap, though, she wants the paci. So far, we haven't had any issues with her waking up in the middle of the night because she's lost it - she stays asleep. If she starts waking up because the pacifier slips out of her mouth, that's when we're going to have to start thinking about taking it away. She also loves having a blanket along the side of her face; I never would have put a blanket that close to Riley's nose and mouth when she was this age, but I suppose I'm less worried than I was as a first time mom. Before anyone has a cow, I definitely check on her periodically and move the blanket after she's asleep. 


As I thought about the items that bring my little girls comfort, I had to stop and consider what helps me calm down when I'm having a lousy day. The first thought that came to my mind was being wrapped in my husband's arms. Even when the "world" (my house, my sanity, my schedule, etc.) seems to be crumbling, a hug from David seems to settle me down and help me have a clearer head. I was convicted as I considered some other things that I should immediately turn to for comfort: God's word, prayer, hymns. Unfortunately, my first inclination is often to "google" it or ask a friend. I definitely need to learn to use those as last, or at least later, resorts. I need to seek my Savior's counsel before I turn to anything else. 

God is our refuge and strength, 
a very present help in trouble.
Psalm 46:1

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