Monday, May 7, 2012

Photos and Funnies: Week of April 30

Didn't get this up on Sunday like I usually do because this weekend was busy exhausting. Since I've had my "big" camera out so much lately, I find that I don't take as many photos with my phone. I also have noticed that I tend to take more pictures of one of the girls each week. Last week, I had to search for good ones of Caroline; this week it was the other way around since I was trying to compensate. I'm tempted to make sure it's even every time, but I know the number of pictures I take in a week doesn't equal the amount that I love each girl so I'm just going to pick the cute ones each week. If there a couple more of Riley one week, who cares? I'll make up for it later on down the road when I post more of Caroline. 


Disclaimer: The glasses are a joke. David was "practicing" for the costume party we had at church the following evening.

  • I held up a dress to Riley and asked her if she wanted to wear a certain dress (just to involve her in the situation... I pick her clothes 99.9% of the time): "Yes. You iron it while I sleep." Then she prances off to her room for her blanket and takes a "nap" at the foot of our bed. 
  • David and Riley had just worked on their red collage when I took her over to my parents' house. I told Riley to tell Papa (my dad) what she and Daddy had done: "I did a crab!" Apparently crab = craft. 
  • By the empty bathtub talking to the faucet cover that looks like a bug: "Look at me! Look into my eyes! Mommy told you not to stand up in the tub." At least I know she's listening, right?

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  1. Your girls are adorable! I love her telling the bug how it is, too!